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Bespoke Log and Storage Solutions

Bespoke log/storage solutions from Devon Log Stores

This photograph shows a tool shed with log storage and kindling areas to either side. We make stores to fulfil customer’s requirements and will design a store to meet your needs.

More information about bespoke log/storage solutions

For more information, please send your name and tel number and you will be contacted shortly. Or use our contact page to submit your enquiry.



Bicycle Store placed alongside an identically sized Log Store

Log Stores

These log stores provide an alternative to the garden shed or garage for the storage of firewood and are available in a range of sizes suited for the courtyard/patio or larger garden.

The slatted sides, open fronts and raised floors are designed to maximise air circulation to promote the drying of firewood. No foundations and only minimal site preparation is required.

They are easy to move and also provide a superb garden feature. There are 2 standard sizes (single and double bay).

Other sizes can be made to order.

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Wheelie Bin Stores and Recycling Stores

Provides an attractive storage facility for unsightly wheelie bins, recycling bins and/or recycling boxes.

Wheelie bin stores and recycling stores are built to match your requirements

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Bicycle Stores

We make wooden bicycle stores to any size and design to meet your storage requirements.

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Sawn timber

Both softwoods (Scots pine, Douglas fir, Jap larch, and spruce) and hardwoods (oak, ash, cherry, beech etc) subject to availability, both green & air dried.

Please enquire about prices.


Firewood (hardwood and softwood) logs in various dimensions are available throughout the year local to Tiverton, Crediton and the Exeter area.

Details of prices available on request.